Imagine a world where you can fight fires in any scenario. All while being in the safety of your own workspace. Flashover offers a hassle-free VR kit with real fire fighting equipment. Flashover guides you through the extinguishing process step-by-step and lets you explore all the hazards of fire fighting at its core.

You no longer have to imagine that world, it’s already here. Safe, reliable and hassle-free.

  • Train procedures in VR
  • All-in-one: Hardware and software
  • Get started in just 5 minutes
  • Continuous updates and new scenarios

Flashover is delivered with a custom hardware solution designed for VR training. The total solution fits in a mobile suitcase that can be used in no time.

Most important features of the Flashover All-in-1 case:

  • Room for 4 Oculus Quest 2
  • Room for 2 nozzles
  • Integrated computer
  • Integrated Wi-Fi router
  • Complete charging solution
  • Projecting to large screen

Want to know more about Flashover? Visit our stand at the eRIC event, or take a look at our website www.flashover.app.